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Recent media coverage:

The Daily Beast: Capitol Rioter Who Raided Pelosi’s Office Makes Kremlin TV Debut Ahead of Putin Summit

The Daily Beast: Caged Journo Says He Falsely Confessed After Electro-Torture

Raw Story: ‘All we have left is Rand Paul’: Russian state TV bemoans lack of GOP supporters after Trump’s exit

The Daily Beast: Russian TV Circus: Desperate Biden ‘Begged’ for Putin Talks

The Daily Beast: Kremlin Fans Cheer Mid-Air Bust of Journo Facing Execution

The Daily Beast: Top Kremlin Mouthpiece Warns of ‘Inevitable’ War With U.S.

The Daily Beast: Russia, China Team Up to Peddle Nutty U.S. COVID Lab Theory 

The Daily Beast: Russia State Media Gears Up for a War ‘Against the West’

The Daily Beast: Russia Mulls Vax Sabotage & Spy Boost After Biden Insult

The Daily Beast: Russian State TV Really Missing Trump as Biden Sanctions Hit

The Daily Beast: Russian Media: Biden, Not Trump, Was Behind Capitol Riot

The Daily BeastRussian Media: ‘Traitors’ Like Navalny Deserve Death

NPRDefying Putin, Russians Return To The Streets To Demand Alexei Navalny’s Release

NPRExploring Alexei Navalny’s Journey To Becoming A Symbol Against Russian Corruption

The Daily BeastRussian Media Loves Protests—as Long as They Are Pro-Trump

The Daily BeastRussian Media: Biden, Not Trump, Was Behind Capitol Riot

The Daily BeastPutin Gleeful After Trumpsters’ Violent Insurrection

The Daily BeastRussian Media: Trump ‘Burned’ the U.S. On His Way Out

The WrapEverybody’s Got Some Feelings About Rudy Giuliani’s Hair Dye Mishap

The Daily BeastRussian Media Wants Moscow to Grant Asylum to Trump

The Daily BeastKremlin-Funded TV Airs Shocking Blackface Attack on Obama

The Daily BeastRussian State Media Mulls How to Milk Trump Before He’s Gone

The Daily BeastRussian Media Is Angry and Desperate Over Biden Win

The Daily BeastRussian Media Roots for Violence as America Counts Its Votes

The Daily BeastRussian Media Livescreens Hunter ‘Sex Vids’ in Election Push

The Daily BeastRussia Desperately Trying to Keep Hunter Biden Story Alive

The Daily BeastTrump’s COVID Diagnosis Spooks Russia: ‘Our Candidate is Sick’

The Daily Beast‘Putin’s Piglet’: Russian Media Admits Trump Lost the Debate

NY Daily NewsTrump promotes tweet that calls him a dictator fanboy

The Daily BeastTrump Followed Russian Media’s Lead on SCOTUS Prediction

Raw StoryTrump following Kremlin’s advice with plan to hold on to power despite election results

The Daily BeastRussian Media Wants U.S. Civil War: ‘The Worse, the Better’

Yahoo! NewsRussian Media Is Rooting for Civil War in America: ‘The Worse, the Better’

The Daily BeastRussia Using QAnon Conspiracies to Help Get Trump Re-Elected

The Daily BeastRussian Media Warns Not to Sell Out ‘Motherland’ for $10M

MSN‘America’s Dying’: Russian Media Is Giddy at Chaos in the USA

The Daily Beast‘America’s Dying’: Russia Giddy at Chaos in the USA

The Daily BeastRussians See the COVID Vaccine as Key to Global Dominance

The Daily BeastMoscow Has a Field Day With Trump’s Fireworks at Mt. Russia-More

The Daily BeastPutin’s White Supremacist Pals Gloat at ‘Black Terror’ in U.S.

The Daily BeastRussian Gloating About U.S. Unrest Is Racist as Hell

The Daily BeastRussian State Media Wonder if They Created an Orange Monster

The Daily BeastThe Russians Are Loving Trump‘s Latest Harebrained Idea

The Daily BeastTrump’s Been Playing a Ventilator Shell Game With Putin

The Daily BeastTrump Shuts Down ‘Russia Hoax’ and Opens His Arms to Putin

The Daily BeastRussian Media Melt Down Over Putin’s Coronavirus Aid Stunt

The Daily BeastThere’s Nothing Generous About Putin’s Coronavirus Aid to US

The Daily BeastRussia’s Touting a Bogus COVID-19 Cure First Made in the USA

The Daily BeastCoronavirus Comes to the Kremlin

The Daily BeastAfter Putin’s Big Fail, Russia Braces for COVID-19 Onslaught

The Daily BeastRussia Swore It Whipped the Virus, and Fox and CNN Bought It

The Daily BeastPutin’s Real Goal Is Kneecapping American Democracy

The Daily BeastRussian Media Freak Over Joe Biden’s Election Resurrection

The Daily BeastKremlin Media Still Like Bernie, ’Cause They Love Trump

The Washington PostWhy the Russians still prefer Trump

The Daily BeastTrump’s Fury at Intel Briefing Shows Putin’s Bet Keeps Paying Off

The Daily BeastRussians Think Triumphant Trump Is More Their Man Than Ever

The Washington Post: Fact-checking Trump’s spin about the ‘great outcome’ in Syria

The Daily BeastDid Russian PM Drop a Grim Hint About Putin’s Power Grab?

The Daily BeastRussia to Iran: Don’t Admit Guilt—Blame the U.S. Instead

The Daily BeastRussians Think Soleimani Was Great, and Trump’s a Big Loser

The Daily BeastRussian State Media Blames Iran Strike on Trump Impeachment 

The Daily BeastRussian State TV Backs Trump’s Wild Impeachment Attacks

The Daily BeastRussia’s State TV Calls Trump Their ‘Agent’

MSNBC ‘AM Joy’: Republican lawmakers defend Trump

The Daily BeastWhy Are Republicans So Anxious to Play Putin’s Game on Ukraine?

The Daily BeastRussia Loves the Impeachment Hearings Because GOP Is Parroting Kremlin Propaganda

The Washington PostIn Russia, Putin’s state TV apparatus is busy defending Trump

The Daily BeastThanks to Rand Paul, Russian Media Are Naming the Alleged Whistleblower

Salon: Russian media names purported Ukraine whistleblower after cue from Rand Paul

The Washington PostFact-checking Trump’s spin about the ‘great outcome’ in Syria

The Daily BeastRussian Media Cheers Trump’s Moves in Syria: ‘Putin Won the Lottery!’

The Washington PostTrump hands Putin another win with Syria pullout

The Daily BeastTrump’s Syria Fiasco Is Part of Putin’s To-Do List

The Daily BeastRussians Praise Trump, Taunt Zelensky, as Ukraine Signs On to Peace-Plan Proposal

MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’Why Russia’s fingerprints are on Ukraine scandal

NPR with Scott Simon: Where Russia Fits In With Trump-Ukraine Affair

MSNBC ‘All In with Chris Hayes’: How Russia knew of Pence’s cancelled trip in advance

The Daily BeastThe Russians, Rooting for Trump, Are Loving the Democrats’ Debates

The Daily Beast: Fiendish Delight: Mueller Report Has Moscow in Ecstasy

Stanford University presentation: Global Populisms and their International Diffusion

MSNBC Deadline WH: Biggest fan of Trump’s State of the Union? Russians

MSNBC ‘AM Joy’Russia celebrates Trump’s Syria decision amid two high-profile resignations

The Daily BeastRussia Gloats: ‘Trump Is Ours Again’

The Daily BeastRussia Thinks Trump’s Syria Pullout Is Too Good to Be True

The Daily BeastPutin’s Media Roasts Trump: Russia ‘Should Spit’ on Him and the United States

The Daily BeastRussia in Dismay and Despair as Democrats Take the House in Midterm Elections

The Daily BeastThe Kremlin’s For Kavanaugh: Russian State Media Back Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

The Daily BeastThe Real Reason Russia Is Rooting for Republicans in the Midterms

The Daily Beast‘Trump Is Ours’: Kremlin Media Fear Dem Victory in November

The Washington PostOn Russian state TV, Putin has already won the summit with Trump

Rolling StoneTrump v. Putin: What to Expect From the Meeting in Helsinki

The Washington PostRepublicans on Russia trip face scorn and ridicule from critics at home

MSNBC “The Last Word”President Donald Trump Surprises Staff, Wants Russia At G7

Business Insider‘Trump is ours!’: Russian state TV celebrates Trump’s suggestion that Crimea is part of Russia

Raw Story‘Trump is ours again!’ Russian TV host celebrates after White House refuses to enforce new sanctions

CNNRussian politician: US spies slept while Russia elected Trump

The HillRussian politician: US intel missed ‘Russian intelligence’ stealing ‘the president of the United States’

International Business TimesTop Russian politician admits Kremlin ‘stole’ US presidency live on TV

USA Today‘U.S. spies slept’ while Russia elected Trump, Russian politician says

MSNRussian politician: U.S. spies slept, let Russia elect Trump

NewsweekA pro-Kremlin politician said on live TV that Russia “stole” the U.S. presidency

Raw StoryMember of Duma admits ‘Russian intelligence stole the president of the United States’ on live TV

AxiosRussian politician says on live TV that Russia stole U.S. presidency

The InquisitrTop Russian Politician Boasts Russia ‘Stole’ 2016 Election For Donald Trump While U.S. Intelligence ‘Slept’

9NewsAUPutin offsider boasts of rigging US election on TV

The IndependentRussian politician says ‘let’s hit Trump with our Kompromat’ on state TV

Independent Journal ReviewWatch: Russian Official Threatens Release of Blackmail Material on Trump

The InquisitrRussian Politician Reveals That Russia Has Blackmail Material

Voice of America/PolygraphRussian Foreign Ministry: Will of Syrian People at the Core of Russia’s Syria Policy

Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab#BotSpot: The Intimidators

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RECENT MEDIA COVERAGE: Julia Davis in the news

Julia Davis, M.S. is a Columnist for The Daily Beast, Washington Post Contributor, having served as a featured expert with the Atlantic Council’s Disinformation Portal – an interactive online portal and guide to the Kremlin’s information war.

Julia is a Russian Media analyst, who specializes in exposing Russian propaganda tactics, with focus on the Kremlin’s hybrid warfare and foreign policy.

Julia’s investigative reports and articles have repeatedly exposed Russia’s propaganda machine, prompting retractions and corrections by RT (formerly Russia Today) and other media outlets.

Julia created and operates the Russian Media Monitor, analyzing Russian state media in broader context of the Kremlin’s propaganda. Her reports have been cited by The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, CNN, Rolling Stone, MSNBC, USA Today, Voice of America/Polygraph, The Hill, Raw Story, The Wrap, The International Business Times, Metro (UK), Wall Street Journal, Dallas News, as well as multiple other publications and media outlets. Julia’s articles about Russian propaganda have been read, translated and shared all over the world.

Julia is a film and television producer, director, writer and member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Women In Film, the Screen Actors Guild, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association and other professional guilds and organizations. Julia was the first to produce the musical score featuring the National Ukrainian Orchestra for Paramount Pictures.

Julia has a Master’s Degree in Aviation and Spacecraft Engineering. She is multilingual and speaks several languages fluently, including English, Spanish, Russian (native speaker) and Ukrainian (native speaker).

Julia’s creative experience is vast, as an accredited producer, director, screenwriter and published author. Julia Davis is a former federal officer, having served with the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection as an Acting Supervisor. Utilizing her investigative background on Russia, Ukraine, Immigration and National Security, Julia has been featured on primetime news outlets, including MSNBC, CNN, HLN, Fox News, BBC, KTLA, KCLA and others, with commentary on national security, immigration, corruption, anti-terrorism, lack of whistleblower protection, human rights, civil rights, due process, as well as other issues of grave importance to all Americans.

Julia was designated a “Ukraine’s Friend of the Week” and the national newspaper of Ukraine, Kyiv Post honored her with the Order of Yaroslav the Wise, which has been given since 1995 for distinguished service to the nation.

Julia works in support of charitable organizations, such as the City of Hope, Wounded Warriors Chapter, Therapeutic Living Center for the Blind (sponsored by the Conrad Hilton Foundation), American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Humane Society, previously working with the Medal of Honor Society to pay tribute to our American heroes. During her career years in the film industry, Julia Davis served as a stunt double to Academy Award winners Angelina Jolie and Helen Hunt, working as a stuntwoman, Stunt Coordinator Second Unit Director, appearing in the international film franchise, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ and knows production from all aspects from concept to delivery, as bondable, bankable, on schedule, on budget.