Los Angeles rethinks potential terrorist threats

American taxpayers unwittingly support proponents of terrorism

Russia takes the wrong side in the Paris terror attack

Man pleads guilty to mailing 21 fake Anthrax/Ricin letters to public officials

American mother stabbed to death by burqa-clad woman in Abu Dhabi

Desperate housewives of ISIS: Virginia woman arrested for lying to the FBI

Department of Homeland Security allowed convicted terrorist to become US citizen

Russian national indicted for 2009 terrorist attack on US forces in Afghanistan

ISIS crisis: the West keeps missing warning signs

Oklahoma beheading: warning signs in Alton Nolen’s social media postings

Akba Jihad Jordan pleads guilty in terrorism case

ISIS recruits Western teens, justifies sex slavery

Fort Hood 2.0 – FBI fails to prevent another terrorist attack

FBI creates and thwarts another terrorist act

Terror next door

Jordanian tourist who overstayed his visa involved in a terror plot

Lax sentence for LAX Millenium Bomber rejected, federal Judge rebuked

Los Angeles Airport — top target of terror attacks, lax security, TSA agent arrested

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