DEA recruited TSA screener to help them seize cash in exchange for kickbacks

Department of Homeland Security spends $20.3 million on conferences

Coburn report: Department of Homeland Security is failing in all of its missions

Congressman Michael Grimm refuses to resign House seat after felony guilty plea

CIA’s queen of torture was used to create Zero Dark Thirty character

Jury awards $900,000 to man punched by sheriff’s deputy over tinted windows

Former Border Patrol Agent sentenced to life in prison for murder, torture

Psychologist who devised CIA interrogation tactics resigned as Mormon bishop

Department of Homeland Security’s OIG report: murder, drugs and corruption

V for Vicodin: married San Diego Police officers plead guilty to drug offenses

Sheriff’s officers arrested for smuggling phones, drugs to gang member inmate

FBI’s letter, demanding that Martin Luther King commit suicide, released in full

OIG report: New Orleans PD failed to investigate 1,111 sex crime calls

Senior intel officer removed after stating that China is a military threat

Department of Homeland Security spent $30,000 on Starbucks to keep you safe

Former LA County deputy sheriff sentenced to probation for taking bribes

Click it or ticket: Trooper demanded naked photos and sex from female motorists

LAPD officer was flashing more than his badge

Former Department of Homeland Security officer sentenced for bribery, fraud

California cop gets 25 years for sex crimes against prostitutes

Cops swap nude photos of female arrestees and dead victims as a ‘game’

LAPD officer videotaped kicking restrained suspect’s head like a football

Army official sold the public trust for a half-million dollars in bribes

FBI agent took bribes in exchange for internal law enforcement documents

D.C. police officer was moonlighting as a pimp

Fort Hood soldiers charged after attempted alien smuggling on September 11

Department of Homeland Security official took bribes in cash and egg rolls

DHS implements sequester cuts, treats national security as a low priority 

Former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge and Fred Malek: the ties that bind

Department of Homeland Security’s untouchables: shielded by the badge

GSA and its $5.5 billion dollar baby

Everybody hates whistleblowers

The House cooks up another turkey of a bill, guts whistleblower protections

Here Comes the Bride of Frankenstein

Disgraced former Head of OSC Scott Bloch finally sentenced

Department of Homeland Security sued for storing full body scanner images

Badge for sale – the tales of MICE and men

Office of Special Counsel (OSC) – the dark legacy

Ex-FBI Agent Edward Preciado-Nuño brutally murders a woman, free on bail, trial delayed three times

Janet Napolitano blasted by Congress during Department of Homeland Security hearings

Deep Throat double cross

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